Where I’m Coming From

1-cornucopia-timothy-olearyAs my Blog’s title suggests, my scribbling is all about bearing spiritual fruit. If the concept of spiritual fruit is new to you, I’ll tell you that it’s not about gaining converts to Christianity by hook or by crook, just to cut notches into my Bible. I like my little $12 Bible, so why would I want to do that? It’s also not about gaining “followers,” unless a few readers feel I have something to offer that they might need or enjoy reading. Neither is it about glorifying myself; I try to be frank about my weaknesses, if by so doing I can glorify my Savior through them. I’ll also report my rarer-than I like victories over said weaknesses.

In fact, I’ll exploit this opportunity to do just that: For what seems like ages, I’ve prayed for a greater fascination with God’s Word, an unquenchable curiosity about what it has for me, and the words to write about it so someone else might catch the fever from me. This blog is evidence of that answered prayer. Thing is, I’m a really laid-back person, bordering on lazy. So, for something as formidable as the Bible to bind me in its spell is unprecedented. And to spend hours each day writing about it? That’s a true miracle. God is good!

All the time!

15 thoughts on “Where I’m Coming From

  1. Wow, this is something I’ve needed to hear for a long time, because like you, I’m a laid back person (bordering on lazy) and have always had a hard time making myself read the Word. I love how God works in mysterious ways, using your unprecedented flame to light my candle as well. Keep it up!

    God Bless,

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