One thought on “NOAH

  1. WELL….I completely agree! We had the opportunity to watch it before it released in theaters through a local Christian company. Needless to say, THEY were certainly disappointed. Two thoughts:
    I made a point of listening for “God” and I clocked it at two mentions, not including all of the Creator references.
    Also, didn’t you just looove when the creation story morphed into the theory of evolution in the middle of what was the most colorful and vibrant animation sequence in the film? I’m pretty sure that wasn’t an accident.
    As I told Kenneth, if they had called it Gilgamesh, and marketed it as an epic tale of ancient, mythical proportions, I could have REally enjoyed it. Their mistake was marketing it to people who are familiar with the Biblical account and would see few similarities. But my hope is that the rock monsters (among other features) will prompt people who haven’t read the Bible lately to pick it up to see if they’re in the story. Anything can be used by God for His purposes, even this!

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