Another View of Creation

I just discovered an oddity: a Christian scientist. Not an adherent of Christian Science, but a scientist who, though once and atheist, is now a Christian. I discovered him through a video titled, “Francis Collins Denies Intelligent Design.” Like me, you have probably never heard of Dr. Francis Collins. If you click here you can learn why what he says is important.

Dr. Collins’ position on the origin of the universe won’t sit well with the Evangelical Christians that I know; he says creation and evolution are perfectly compatible, and that science and faith are parallel world views with little bearing on one another. While his position is reasonable, I’m not convinced that God’s eternal Word created the universe through a Big Bang. He certainly could have created the universe with the appearance of age, like the young-Earthers preach, but I have to wonder why. Here is Collins’ rationalle for his position:

Almighty God, who is not limited in space or time, created a universe 13.7 billion years ago with its parameters precisely tuned to allow the development of complexity over long periods of time. God’s plan included the mechanism of evolution to create the marvelous diversity of living things on our planet. Most especially, that creative plan included human beings. After evolution, in the fullness of time, had prepared a sufficiently advanced neurological house (the brain), God gifted human with free will and with a soul. Thus humans received a special status, “made in God’s image.” We humans used our free will to disobey God, leading to our realization of being in violation of the Moral Law. Thus we were estranged from God. For Christians, Jesus is the solution to that estrangement.

If you find this presentation reprehensible, I challenge you to act like a Berean and search the Scriptures to see whether or not these things are true. We all have a great body of beliefs that we have received through our church culture, and we need to know, from the Bible, why we believe them.

As I alluded above, I don’t buy it, especially the human part of his story. The Bible clearly states that God made Adam from the dust of the ground; we didn’t evolve with the other animals, from the same single-cell organisms that floated around in the primordial soup. As for the literal, six twenty-four hour days of creation, while I readily admit that God could have done the job that quickly, I need to see more Biblical evidence to arrive there. His ways are not our ways, and similarly, His understanding is not our understanding. I think the part of Genesis 2 that catches me is verses four and five: This is the history of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens, before any plant of the field was in the earth and before any herb of the field had grown. The word for “day” is the same one used in verse one and all the other references to days of creation. Verse four uses “day” as a period of time during which God created the heavens and the earth.

Feel free to weigh in on the debate, without name-calling and emotional rants. Show me book, chapter, and verse for your position. If I’m wrong, I want to know why.

15 thoughts on “Another View of Creation

  1. Dear MT James,
    Thank you for posting this dissertation on Creation. I just love Dr. Francis Collins’s explanation.
    What I found so often is that we tend to differ from one another not on what is written in Scripture, but rather on what is NOT written! And then we make our own assumptions and defend that with all our might. What is really said in Genesis 2:7 “…that God made Adam from the dust of the ground;”? It states of what substance man was made, nothing more! There was no extra terrestrial meteor bringing life to our planet!. Even today you will not find anything else in our bodies that dust of this earth. There is no “stardust” or “moonbeams” or what ever!
    Yet many people believe that this verse poses that God created like a sculptor working with clay, forming a life-size statue of a man and then blow the breath of life into him.
    Let me pose some other possibilities. Test them to the real facts given in Genesis 2, and tell me what Biblical fact causes them to contravene the Bible.
    The first I would call the medical student theory: God created every organ of clay, put them all together and covered them with clay skin and blew life into it.
    The Microbiological model. God created each of the billions of cells of the dust of the earth, put each in its position and blew the breath of life into it.
    How about the genealogical model: God created one fertile cell of the dust of the earth, blew life into it and held it in his hands as a womb, letting is develop into a baby and grow up to be a man. Of course you might find this one clashing with the time needed, but for God a thousand years is like a moment passing. I ask you to honestly test the theories to the facts given, not our interpretation of those facts!
    And then of course the evolutionary model. Out of the earth God created the enzymes needed, put them together, covered them with a membrane, blew life into it And one day He said to it, “it is time to develop some arms and legs, boy!” This is really stretching it, I know, but does it contravene the Biblical facts, or my interpretation of those facts?
    By the way, did you ever see how modern science and scientific paleontology concerning the fauna and flora of New Zealand confirm Genesis 1-3? Have a look at my blog post at I was astounded when God revealed these facts to me! Even the curse on the earth end the serpent fits in perfectly!
    God bless!
    Herman of

  2. I was just sent this by someone who I would be interested, and yes I am. I am currently following Ken Ham, don’t know if you heard if him. Answers in Genesis. Totally with you on this one, for the life if me, I cannot understand how intelligent minded people would even think we evolved like animals. :/ But the bible does say, that this would happen, so I just have to hope these people come to their senses eventually…

    • No one who is bitter toward God, or afraid of being accountable to Him, can believe He created the universe. To admit that God exists is a fearsome step; One who could, by the words of His mouth, make all that is, must be awesome indeed. Creation requires a Creator. Design requires a Designer. Redemption requires a Redeemer.

  3. I’m so pleased Jim you don’t believe we evolved, I have been called a Berean but I also Trust Jesus to lead me into all Truth having asked for His wisdom and His empowering through The Holy Spirit. I know without a doubt we didn’t evolve and I also know God meaning Godhead, created the World in 6 days, this is not just what I believe but it is also confirmed in Scripture and Creation which go together. The view that we can fit Evolution into the Biblical account of Creation is flawed and an impossibility, to say one day of Creation was millions or billions of years is not feasible when we look at the order of Creation. God tells us all Scripture is inspired by Him not just parts but we remember Translations can have man’s error so we Trust Jesus to show us these too, as we study His Truth.

    I can give you links Jim from our Blog that will give you more detail but to condense as much as possible although there still will be a lot of detail and I hope that is OK with you Jim but you seem very interested in proving that Creation like me is not just a Fairy Story.

    There are features that we consider to be definitively human, such as we have hair imbedded in our cell follicles from birth that grows, animals have feathers, fur, scales or shells and others skin they shed as a whole like snakes, Animals also don’t have belly buttons formed like humans and they also have different D.N.A which fossils can’t deny but it is confirmed in Scripture when no one had even heard of Pathology the same as that the World is round is confirmed in the Bible, when all men thought it was flat because they did not have big Ships or Space Rockets to confirm it was round.

    Aids is spoken about in Scripture and what causes it, also Dinosaurs, although this is a modern name first used in 1800, they were called Dragons before and they were on the earth with man and the only one who could have known all these things to tell man to record them, and it is confirmed that they were recorded at this time even in Secular History, would have been God our Creator.

    Carbon dating has also been proven only to be able to confirm the earth is very young and other dating theories are still unproven in how they are claimed to do so and the Scriptures confirm the earth is young by the genealogy of man and other proven Truths in Creation.

    Secular Scientists have also never been able to create viable life from nothing, Christians Scientists don’t try because they know viable sustaining life only comes from God.

    Evolution Scientists also keep changing their superstitions because they know that they have no real confirmation of what they propagate, many times their claims have been proven false. God’s written word remains the same and only those who have no understanding of it’s Truth claim that it is in error. But how can they understand what is God’s Truth when they don’t believe He exists, and without The Holy Spirit they are Natural meaning Only Human, and so it is foolishness to them, they are blinded by their own understanding as confirmed in 1Corinthans 2:9-16.

    I will share with you now Jim why Evolution as part of Genesis is impossible; to say one day of Creation, a morning and night could have been millions of years + just does not fit in.

    As we look at those days and see what was created on each of them, Day 1 and 2 The Heavens and the Earth and Light meaning separating the darkness, we see that on Day 3 it was grass, flowers, tree bearing fruit etc what do these need to grow, three things water, sun and some need animals to multiply and propagate. We know that the Garden of Eden was watered from an underground river, Genesis 2 but the Sun was not created till day 4 and animals on day 5 so all that was created on day 3 would have perished without these if a day had been millions of years +.

    When Ministering to Atheists I was also presented with what was claimed to be evidence that supported Evolution but when investigated was shown to be invalid as it was not based on proven fact but on theory and hearsay, there were also many contradictions from the different Links provided by them, in the end some even confessed to the Truth which was, there was no evidence to prove or support Evolution that was not consistent with Creation too but they then said that since I hadn’t died I couldn’t prove there was an after – life, strange but nor had they died and where did they come from then, Nothing!!

    But what I would like to ask Evolutionists is why are they trying so hard to prove our Creator does not exist, Christians share God’s Truth to offer others Real Hope for the future and Eternally but what do they offer others other than a Hopeless End.

    Christian Love in our unity in Christ Jesus – Anne.

    • Atheists, and even theistic naturalists, fail to appreciate or understand the role of faith in our world view. Apostle Paul’s conversion illustrates how God’s Holy Spirit strips away our fleshly blinders when we believe, so we become able to literally see the correlation between the divine, the spiritual, and the natural. Through faith, that all makes such sense that we often can’t understand why natural people can’t see it. But they can see our testimony, and when it’s honest and transparent they can’t escape God’s power in it.
      Blessings, Anne

  4. These words of Francis Collins concerned me: “God’s plan included the mechanism of evolution to create the marvelous diversity of living things on our planet.” I want to ask him how he would explain Genesis 1:21, 24, 25, where scripture clearly states that all living creatures were created “according to their kinds.” No fish becoming amphibians; no reptiles becoming mammals, etc.

    Thank you for a thought-provoking article, Jim. And thank you also for becoming a follower of my blog. I pray you will find them meaningful also.

    • I’m glad you were provoked, Nancy. So was I, when I listened to his presentation. Everyone believes part truth and part error, as God’s Word must be interpreted and applied, hopefully with the aid of God’s Holy Spirit. Anyone who claims to possess a perfect understanding of God’s Word is in the same league as the one described in 1 John 1:8. To avoid joining that not-so exclusive league, I try to hold my multitudinous opinions very lightly, and my convictions that come directly from God’s Word very tenaciously.

      Thanks for the comment, Nancy. I always hope to provoke thought by including the occasional, controversial element in my posts.

    • Dear James,
      Forgive me to give another perspective on your comment.
      Again we differ from one another by that which is not written, but is our interpretation. And the problem is that we believe that our interpretation is the only correct one.
      God does not reveal in Scripture HOW He created all the species. The end result is that each kind is different from the other, and since the seventh day, nothing new was created, for God rested. Even a horse / donkey offspring is totally sterile and cannot procreate to have something else than “according to their kind”. Mow God created, by making mud examples, or by evolution, does not bother me. He created every thing, and since He rested, nothing new has “evolved” or been formed.

      • Herman, I have to disagree with your disagreement about my disagreement with you (I think I got the right number of disagreements.). Anyway, I can’t disagree with anything you said, except for our disagreeing. Where God’s Word is silent, speculations are fair game. That said, I believe the original manuscripts, and to a great extent, the early copies, shed God’s perfect Light on what we see as gaps in His revelation. God has gifted a few scholars and commentators with enough knowledge and insight into the original languages that we may consider their translations and commentaries reasonably reliable. But ultimately, we must depend upon God’s Holy Spirit to minister His Word to our understanding. I believe God speaks to each Christ-follower according to our uniqueness, so my interpretation and application of individual passages may differ from yours somewhat. Gospel Truth, however, will never change, and as Apostle Paul said, anyone who proclaims a different gospel than we’ve received from God’s anointed writers will most certainly suffer His eternal curse.

        Brother Herman, I hope you will continue providing thoughtful feedback regarding my scribblings. I’m beginning to think we’re kindred spirits.

        Love and blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord,

      • Same back to you, Herman. I imagine some accuse God of guessing games, but He never told us to second-guess Him at all. That’s what trust is all about.

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