Be Christ to Your Family

If you’re interested in diligent, godly grandfathering, you won’t find much about the roles of grandfathers in the family support literature. More sensitive people call us, “grandparents,” even when they’re talking about grand dads, lest they be thought sexist. On the other hand, grandparenting is, in fact, often a two-person job. One of the topics we must address is nurturing a mutual understanding and cooperation with Grandma. It’s the old story that neither the husband nor the wife are islands unto themselves, and neither bear sole responsibility for failures. As Christian grandfathers, we must take up Christ’s cross unilaterally, accepting our responsibility to be Christ to both our wives and our greater families.

The problem we grand dads face is Grandma usually sets the tone of our relationship with our kids and their kids, and even their kids, if we live long enough. That issue begins with our younger selves, where Wifey holds the family reigns while Hubby does all the “manly” things like taking out the garbage, changing the oil, and occasionally even mowing the lawn. Too often, Hubby only joins in the family’s spiritual life at Wifey’s insistence, all the while thinking about the, “More Important,” manly duties, like keeping track of the latest scores and planning his next hunting trip.

Face it, guys, we’re preoccupied with trivial pursuits, self-centered and self-absorbed. Fortunately for us, our Heavenly Dad keeps His mind on the important stuff, like saving us, and keeping us in His Spirit. If we fail to follow His lead, it’s not because we aren’t good enough or otherwise qualified; we’re just too lazy to make time for obeying His expressed will.

I feel like standing tall, raising my sword, and yelling, “All who want Christ’s Way for the family, follow me!” Trouble is, I’m the last one you’d want to follow; I know His way as well as most, but fail in the following part. Maybe I should instead drop to my knees and cry out, “All who have failed our Lord and Savior, and failed your families by not loving them as Christ loves us, join me down here.” There’s no time like the present to bring revival to God’s called out ones, and it must begin with prayer. May we Christian grandfathers lead the way on our knees, ’cause that’s where the battle for the family begins and ends.

2 thoughts on “Be Christ to Your Family

  1. I find it hard not to talk about God’s amazing Love for us Jim and the wonderful things He does , my brag book is the Bible and I’m passionate about my Lord Jesus’ He is my Spiritual Husband and I long to tell others that they are greatly Loved too. But yes some are lukewarm and have no passion in their Love for the Lord or for others, it’s all about worldly affairs as you said, yes some are needed but God’s work must come first and The Holy Spirit is very passionate.

    I’m sure you have heard Parents or you yourself as a Grandparent talk about your Children and no doubt have their photos on noticeable places in your home or you have heard someone who is in Love share how wonderful their Loved one is, Wow they can do no wrong and as they talk their animated and excited, their eyes are aglow and smiles are plentiful and all of them do so freely not because they feel they have to but because they can’t stop themselves, their hooked.

    It is very True we will want to plant seeds that bear good fruit and when we do so not because we have to or out of fear but because we want to and this will be so when Pentecost comes in our heart and the tender shoot starts to spread it’s branches.

    To be a Disciple is to Love God and others 100% and to give freely of ourselves without counting the cost, to rebuke, to correct error and warn when needed in Love and for Love and to encourage and uplift, to offer help and to always be willing to go the extra mile.

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne

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