Finally, a TV program that treats faith fairly, and it’s not even a religious show. In fact, The Last Ship is more spiritual than most of the religious programming on The Bible Network. One of the core characters is CMC Russell Jeter, played by Charles Parnell. CMC Jeter, is a professed Southern Baptist Christian. A rational, heroic, likeable black man, he lives his convictions in the context of his duties as a Master Chief of the Navy. And as a return to past years’ honest treatment of Christianity, even the non-religious characters respect CMC Jeter’s faith and spirituality.

In the tradition of JAG and NCIS, The Last Ship shows the US Navy as competent and effective, even noble, in its execution of possibly flawed government policy. Even though it conforms somewhat to Political Correctness, the show presents a balanced approach by allowing the men and women to actually be men and women, and the displayed PC doctrine conveys accurate US military policy. One significant omission in current Political Correctness, however, is the lack of overtly homosexual characters. Perhaps that only bows to the, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” doctrine of years past.

Obviously I was very favorably impressed by this TV series and highly recommend it for family entertainment, with the exception of small children because of graphic portrayals of bloody violence. It presents opportunities for Christian parents to use the pause button to ask their children the hard questions and offer commentary on issues of faith, nationalism, the military, and social issues.

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