A Time for Dignity

Eric Metaxas featured Mel Lawrenz’s book, A Time for Dignity, which espouses a novel approach to the idea of dignity; not only does it demand respect, but humanity is incapable of negating it. Why? As God’s special creation, we possess the dignity He imparted to us at conception, and no one can steal what God has bestowed.

Of course, that does not prevent depraved human beings from trying to violate others’ human dignity; witness the Nazi’s shameful treatment of Jews in the ’30s and ’40s. All bullies are guilty of the same transgression, which is nothing more or less than trying to glorify oneself by diminishing another’s worth.

By contrast, I feel God’s commission to recognize others’ dignity by respecting everyone, regardless of how little they seem to deserve my respect. The easiest, most straightforward means of showing respect is simply to listen to them. Yes, some people try to take advantage of my respect by shining me on or lying, hoping to con me. But that is on their head. There is an advantage to having few possessions.

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