Star Trek V; The Final Frontier speculated a lot about God’s existence and His nature, if indeed He exists. For a Hollywood film, at least it did that intelligently.

Symbolism abounded, with a self-fulfilled Vulcan that recognized his id, his disciples that came to him after giving him their deepest fears, and a nameless planet at our galaxy’s center that housed a sort of supreme being, comprising many faces. There was even a Great Barrier that everyone thought would prevent access of the living to the nameless planet.

Wonder of wonders, all this had purely rational explanations, discovered when the explorers were in danger of death. All the CGI and drama aside, Captain Kirk and Spock shared an interesting exchange when the danger had passed:

KIRK: I thought I was going to die.

SPOCK: That was impossible.

Kirk gives Spock a quizzical look.

SPOCK: You were never alone.

The wisdom I took from that is simple; nothing can hurt me outside of God’s permissive or expressed will, because I am never alone. God is always with me, and in me, and His inexhaustible love will never abandon me.

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